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Family Orbit®

Family Orbit is a comprehensive parental control and family locator app. The app allows parents to geo locate their child's location in near real-time. They can also setup virtual geofence and be notified whenever they arrive at or leave the specific location like school or home.

Family Orbit also allows parents to setup tasks and chores assigned to their kids. The child can finish their tasks to earn points that can be exchanged for set rewards. They can also share photos, check ins and request pick ups from parents.

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White Label Reseller Program

The Software white name program comprises of a totally rebranded programming, conveying the accomplice's image of decision, favored shading palettes and symbol sets, and permit the white name programming accomplice to use multi-level advertising model simpler, increment benefits on versatile showcasing compaign and deliberately grow movement to recently accessible stock in a more beneficial way.

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